Our secure storage solutions in Adelaide.

As our name suggests storage within Adelaide is a specialty of ours.

At Richard Mitchell Removals we have a wide range of storage solutions.  Our facility is government approved to international standards and is audited and maintained on a regular basis with meticulous care. Our facility has advanced fire protection system and is monitored 24/7.  CCTV is installed for added security. You can store you goods a number of ways depending on your circumstances.

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Mobile storage containers

Traditional Removalist storage

We come and collection the goods and prepare them for storage with a full inventory of goods. Your goods tare then securely loaded into modules inside our modern facility. This options is for a more long term storage requirement.

Shipping containers

Container Storage

We collection your goods in a 20 or 40 foot shipping container then transport them back to our facility for secure storage. This option minimises handing and is traditionally used for short term storage under 12 months. We do have the resources to deliver the container to site place it on the ground so you can use at additional storage on site space and access permitting.

Commercial & Business Storage

Have a need to store your assets or other commercial items we can certainly assist utilizing any of the above storage systems to meet your needs. Our side loader service allows us to delivery 20 or 40 foot shipping containers on the ground directly to your door space and access permitting. This allows for the easy loading of heavy and bulky items.

Vault mobile storage container in front of a white house

Store at yours with Mobile Self Storage.

Allow our trusted team of storage experts to help you meet your storage needs.

Our team can deliver your Vault Mobile Storage Box to any location in Adelaide, from small driveways to narrow laneways. All you have to do is pack your Vault Mobile Storage Box – we handle the rest! That’s why we are the ultimate Adelaide mobile storage solution. We will collect our Vault Mobile Storage Box and return it to an address of your choice once your storage period is finished.  We can provide all the packing and other materials you need delivered in the Vault box ready for you to complete your own packing and loading. Visit Vaultstore.com.au for more information.

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How Mobile Self Storage Works

Your goods will be stored securely at our depot in 20ft steel containers that are locked and secured, airtight and waterproof.

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